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Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Interview with TUMBERO

Argentina is not really popular when it comes down to raw grindcore! But some of the bands I heard recently actually deliver some great shit! After his promising demo I immediately had to send Nando / TUMBERO some questions...

⍰ You just played a gig with your other band Kemagorra this weekend! So how’s the show been!? How many people usually show up to gigs in your area? You are doing quite some work in your local scene. So let us know what you are doing! What other grind/noise bands from your country can you recommend to check out?

➤ Hello! if this weekend we played with Kemagorra (mincecore) in a festibal under 11 extreme local bands, it is not usually a very popular show of this musical genre in Buenos Aires Argentina, but we always organize concerts and activities.

Here we are several friends that we like to play and record ... We almost started Tumbero Records doing our productions and recording bands of friends to support the extreme scene ..
I'm currently playing in 4 active bands: Insult (grindcore), Santos Biasati (dbeat powerviolence), Kemagorra (mincecore) and Tumbero (solo project Raw Grindcore)
in the local scene there is not much grind / noise but I recommend some bands of friends Bloodshead Party Gore, Larva, Hate Excretor (rip), human atrocity .. in truth there are few

⍰ You are playing in a couple bands but what inspired you to do your solo project playing all instruments on your own? How are you writing/recording your songs? What bands inspired you to perform this style?

➤  at this moment I am in 3 active bands: Kemagorra (guitar and vocals) Insult (Voices) Santos Biasati (drums and vocals) ... Tumbero was born from a leisure moment, is that in my house we set up a recording studio called "tumbero" records "from there is born the name of the Tumbero musical project and having the instruments and equipment to record available .. the songs are composed at the moment .. everything flows in a short time and it is recorded finally I add the voices .. bands that inspire Tumbero are noisy but with a context in the most social and libertarian lyrics ... influenced by crust punk grindcore and noise music bands like Agathocles, haggus, Fear of god, Rot (br), Sore Throat, carcass grinder, Denak, Warsore, etc ...

⍰ From what I could tell you don’t have any physical releases available from your stuff. Is it something you want to see more in the future or what do you generally think about it? If you would be doing physical copies of your stuff is that something you would want to do yourself or rather seek out for other labels?

➤ I recently had the news of a label from France that was interested in editing the disc of tumbero in split mode with other bands .. so fortunately it was released in France SEBUM EXCESS PRODUCTION + KYST + TUMBERO 3 way split by Inhuman Homicide Rec . (thanks for the support)

I'm really more focused on recording and mixing bands that edit in physical mode, I hope that for the next material of Tumbero have support from an independent label

⍰ If you could go on worldwide tour with TUMBERO and you could form a “dream” line-up… what people would you want to add and what instrument should everyone play!? What countries would you be curious to visit?

➤ a difficult question haha .. luckily I have friends who play their instruments very well .. the one that would surely be Gabriel "the pelado" (kemagorra, rata punk, methrasheros, santos biasati) with him I made many bands and from very young we make noise together ... Gabriel Kanamith (espermorragia, insulto) would also join in. Now I have many projects related to grindcore and music in general ... and finally Gustavo "el guasuncho" (insidious, insulto) is a friend to do music and many other things .. I am lucky to share bands with all of them. so maybe he has a world tour he would take them with me

⍰ Imagine there’s a guy who is visiting all your shows, breaking band equipment, throw away all beer and stealing your clothes because he doesn’t like your noisy shit!!! Now you had the chance to make him pay back, what would you like to do to him? No police investigation!

➤ the most likely is that that guy can not go to our shows anymore ... it would take a beating of all those who support the local scene including me ... usually in our shows we do not accept attitudes like that, we do not share shows with Nazi bands or anything like that ... always anti-fascist grindcore!

⍰ Thanks for taking the time to do this short interview! If there’s anything else you’d like to say, go ahead!

➤ Thank you for your interest in what we do in this part of the planet! the grindcore resists and exists! we will be in contact to share music and news! cheers!


  • 2017 Demo 1017


Tuesday, March 20, 2018


TAKE THAT VILE FIEND started in 2006 with a demo that was never really released officially. It wasn't until 2015 that the "Excreted brain matters" CD came out and things stated to move on a little more steady. But read yourself what the man has to say...

⍰ I just heard the news about a guy who broke into your rehearsal space and tried to steal that precious drumstick you conquered yourself after a bloody fight during a Slipknot gig!!!! During his escape the thief broke his wrist falling into the bathtub you carefully constructed from images of your favorite scene in “I spit on your grave”. What are you going to do about this now?

➤ Lament the fact that I have never actually been to a Slipknot concert, ring my house & contents insurance provider, kick myself for being a non-confrontational pathetic husk of a man and probably contemplate why I built a bathtub in my rehearsal space in the first place. 

⍰ What inspired you to start TAKE THAT VILE FIEND? You released your debut full-length album few years ago, how’s the reactions been? You’re still playing that wicked goregrind style on your newest outputs, do you regret nothing at all?

➤  The urge to play energetic crusty goregrind was too strong to not do something, and since having kids kills having time to jam regularly, starting a band with myself seemed like the easier option. Especially when the majority of recordings are improvised drums with riffs and vocals slapped on top with minimal forethought.

I've had lots of positive feedback on the album and TTVF more generally which is cool, but most importantly I think it's cool. It will always be a pitch shifted goregrind band in some capacity, I have plenty of other stupid bands for non mega tuff brutal ideas.

⍰ In many cases goregrind has a tendency to not actually sound like goregrind at all. Where do you draw the line? What does not belong in there? What are your favorite bands in the genre and which one is the most underrated one?

➤ I'm too hypocritical to really lay down a do's and don'ts, mostly just keep shitty weak metal twiddling away from what should be nothing more than first 6 frets monotony. I really like 100% Gore Beat/Seuchenherd's use of gory elements in what is an otherwise raging hardcore/grind sound. Stupid Eurowave of tuppa tuppa grindcore dance party music tends to push the limits a bit for me. I actually am less elitist about goregrind than grindcore more generally I've come to realise. I like ya classic Regurgitate style D-Beat driven crusty goregrind, spastic flutter-blasting Brazilian nastiness, 90's/00's grooviness, Putrefaction In Progress-wave of the last decade, and a whole mess of drum machine/basement dweller sleaziness of the 2000's. I tend to lean towards nasty sounding energetic stuff with 'oomph' and 'phwoar' moments, yet am just as appreciative of sloppy, death-tinged, ignorant sickness.

⍰ If you could change one release from a grind/noisecore related band that disappointed you… which one would you pick out? What would you change about it and which instrument would you want to play trying to fix it?

➤ Defecation - 'Whatever that horrible 2nd album that Mitch did by himself was called'

I would kick out mitch and play all the instruments myself, trying to copy the first LP with added Righteous Pigs climbing riffs and none of that stupid proto-metal weird boring chord shit he is now incapable of not writing into every song.

⍰ Now that everyone posts their music on YouTube and Bandcamp and before that on MySpace, how much has really changed in the scene after all? Why do you think it’s still worth it putting out physical releases or is it more like a casual job you have to fulfill so you can chop it off your list to finish an “official” release?

➤ I grew up hoarding mp3's over P2P file sharing on dial up modems, being precious about people sharing your music is stupid, especially when we're talking goregrind or noisy music in general. You should be glad that anyone even cares enough to steal your music, what with all the quality music options Sony and Warner Bros make available to us at a reasonable price. I enjoy the bandcamp model of "pay what you want" where $0 is still a valid option. Paying for mp3's is stupid, thats why I like being able to have a good quality version of my stuff available for free. Making money back from releases is impossible anyway, might as well allow people to hear it in the vain hope they might buy the physical version down the track. The old argument of 'if people can get it for free they won't buy the real thing' is invalid nowadays cos only music nerds and pokemon collectors buy anything anyway.

⍰ I heard you are playing in few other bands, even if it might be no more than one or two!? Any ideas what upcoming releases your vile listeners can expect? Would you like to go on tour with one of them? What band would you want to bring with you if you had the choice?

➤ There is a lot bands on paper, some more active than others but all with releases being sat on because I'm a terrible procrastinater. Internal Rot, Clogged, Umbilical Tentacle & Blarghstrad are all bands that are gigging semi-regularly at least and have releases that 'should' see the light of day this year. Drownd is another solo thing, angry lofi nu metal, tape collection of demos and covers will probably be the next Radical Blarghst release. Umbilical Tentacle has first dibs on dragging my arse to Japan for some gigs whenever I tone down my busy dad lifestyle of the past few years. I'd love to make it over to Europe at some point, and Canada/US again, if for nothing else than the gutbusting fast food options.

⍰ Hope you enjoyed the interview! Last words are yours…

➤ Thanks for giving enough of a shit to ask me questions about my poor choice of hobby and best of luck with your old man blogging.


  • 2006 Demo
  • 2015 "Excreted brain matters" (CD)
  • 2016 split w/ Metastasis + Organs Tortured
  • 2016 split w/ Blarghstrad (TAPE)
  • 2016 "Riff Deth Noise Gore"
  • 2017 split w/ Cystoblastosis + Nasty Face + Regular Sized Rudy (TAPE)
  • 2017 split w/ Sulfuric Cautery (7" EP)


TUMBERO - Demo 2017

Here we’ve got an exotic one man project from Argentina, even with real drums playing! All instruments, recording and artwork are done by Nando. TUMBERO reminds me a bit on Warsore or Dead Infection on the “Poppy seed cake” EP but more in a chaotic and scabby way! The guy is blasting, screaming and barking through 11 tracks with simple but raging riffs often borrowing from crustcore territory. There’s this sloppy, raw rehearsal vibe going on which adds a lot to the overall attitude of this demo! I don't know if this is available in physical format as well, I only know about the YouTube link. But what serious label wouldn't want to have this gem in their catalog? So go for it fuckers!!!



Monday, March 19, 2018


Most people playing in multiple bands make them all sound the same. That’s not the case with BLARGHSTRAD - a not so typical one-man-project by our fellow Brad Smith. It sounds obviously way different than TAKE THAT VILE FIEND and we don’t even need to talk about his full line-up bands INTERNAL ROT or SUPER FUN HAPPY SLIDE. The term one-man-band is taken to a new level here as all instruments are played at the same time. Bass in one hand, drum stick in the other, and a mic attached to his helmet - and things are pushed further than just a funny gimmick. This of course doesn’t mean that Blarghstrad doesn’t sound hilarious as fuck! It surely does a lot, and is exactly intended to be like that. Tracks on this album often start by a feedback drenched poor-man’s attempt to sing whatever song, which unfortunately doesn’t really end well and so very much leads to barbaric blasts of straight-up noisecore. There are cases when the caveman singing is going on a little bit too long but overall this is well done! Your typical stupid noisecore band often struggles to deliver an intense experience and therefore plays the whole thing down as “shitnoise” and rather focuses on a competition on how many records they can release in a month. However there they get a great lesson taught here by only one guy that does all the work alone! 27 tracks total plus a comatized hidden track!!



Sadly Corrupt Humanity faced a rather short existence (only active between 2011-2013) and this recording was released posthumous in 2015. But they put a hell of an intense set on this short tape! It sounds a bit messy at the beginning like if they were still warming up. But after 1-2 songs they really push up for more blasts and violence! The quality is quite bad (still in a good way) but if you consider those songs are taken from live recordings then after all it’s not too shabby at all, damn it, it just fits exactly right as it should be! Shit sounds way more intense than a carefully recorded studio session! Thing is, every motherfucker can get their band easily recorded by someone else, but how many of them manage to still sound great when you hear them like they really sound? For me this tape was a great introduction to this band, you don’t often have bands from that era sound like it was straight from the 90ths! But who knows... it could be something those Scotts had in their whisky??

The CUM SOCK side contains two previously released lathe-cuts and two unreleased songs. They are playing a totally different kind of game. The songs sound more like a improvised rehearsal session, with sloppy blast beats (to the point of barely being recognized as such), wacky guitar riffs and over the top dumbass vocals! Usually bands quickly get out of that phase and regret it, but this project seems like it proudly sticks with it forever! Anyway, I don’t give a shit what you think! This is funny shit after all and your life sucks!


V/A - “Pieces”

This insane compilation is as contradictory as a noisecore comp can ever get. There are 77 artists on it making up for a total track count of 300!! It was supposed to be released by a label called “Reanimated Miscarriage” but as the guy was unable to properly release it nor send any artist copies, he got some help from “Craniophagus Parasiticus Records” who is working quite more reliable and dedicated. There are mostly pure noisecore bands on it but there are also a handful grind bands - however those seem to have been edited to sound just like the rest of the bands on it. You know, you can clearly say that Captain Three Leg, Reeking Cross, or hell, even Gore Beyond Necropsy, usually sounds quite different than on this tape. After people complained about the sound of the comp the guy who originally put it together just said he couldn’t make it any better due to the shitty source material he got. Well, you can look at this like you want!? But if you ask me it makes me think some of these bands even sound better with a rawer sound like that! Speaking about Gore Beyond Necropsy, Meat Shits, Traci Lord Loves Noise and stuff like that it’s pretty obvious they just have been put on the tape without permission. After all, if you look at this tape for what it is then I must say I have some great fun listening to it! I heard people say the quality on it was quite varying between the different tracks, but I can’t really confirm this as I think my copy sounds as it was intended! It’s just pure destruction and it got the perfect length (after all those 300 tracks don’t last very long). So if you are really into noisecore then better try to get this tape as long as it’s still available!!



Unlike other goregrind bands from Russia CYSTOBLASTOSIS on this recording is less about the LDOH rip off style but rooted more in old school goregrind, often even turning down the tempo. There’s a nice raw and crushing production to it though. The vocals however need some improvement as they somehow sound really weird compared to usual pitch shifted vocals.

If you thought CYSTOBLASTOSIS is raw then you haven’t heard TAKE THAT VILE FIEND. This is a devastating project from Brad Smith (Internal Rot, Super Fun Happy Slide, etc.) and while he still had another guy help him out on vox for his full length CD, he’s back to doing everything on his own again. You hear a couple riffs here and there, often just to start into a song, but most of the time he’s just blasting his drum kit into the ground with goregrind so vile it descends into total noisecore. The vocals sound really sick like a deformed filthy abomination from hell that is just about to barf over your smashed remains! That’s the way to do pitch shifted vocals properly by the way! So this could be easily the winner on this tape, but I won’t be too hasty with this opinion for now! Maybe there’s someone else too?

Next in line is NASTY FACE from Switzerland. Their side consists of only cover songs. I don’t really appreciate the selection of songs they are performing here. Even if they seem to know what they’re doing, but it sounds somewhat “at the wrong place” compared to the other bands on this tape. So skip this!

REGULAR SIZED RUDY is a project by a guy surprisingly called Rudy. It’s fast and chaotic grind, but still manages to sound different than most other bands, as he brings in different influences without sounding like a fuckin douchebag! Instead of just trying to copy the same bands all over he somewhat got his own thing going on here. I love the overdriven and broken guitar tone, spontaneous riffs, and the screaming and gory puking vocals which are all over the mix. Some songs remind me a bit of S.M.S.B. but without the techno-ish sounding drum kit. Great and entertaining stuff! This was really a surprise to hear, and together with the TAKE THAT VILE FIEND tracks it definitely rules this comp! Discogs doesn’t know about any other releases, so I hope this wasn’t just an one-off-thing because I already want to hear more!



For sure I didn’t check out this tape for the AGx side. Still had to make through it somehow to reach the flip side and didn’t want to be a total asshole that doesn’t listen to his stuff. So here’s a recording session from 1995. I don’t know how Ivo (or whatever his name is) was able to get on a split tape with his stuff, but the session was probably used on 3 other releases as well - AGx fanboys prove me wrong! Indeed I was at first surprised as it sounds really fresh and actually enjoyed it if I’m honest about it. After a couple great songs however it quickly starts to wear down and gets worse with each following track and so reminds me why I never been a fan of the band. I more or less like the style they’re playing here but I always thought other bands usually sound way better doing that anyway. And it’s no different with this tape…

MALPRACTICE INSURANCE is a band featuring Ivo/RADIATION VOMIT on guitar/bass/vox. Straight from the first track it sounds like AGx but actually done right! It blows the “originals” away (ey… who themselves are just bad Napalm Death wanna-be’s in the end) just as good as MALIGNANT TUMOUR did during their peak - minus that terrible “mince” preacher shit. There are only 6 songs on this side and contrary to the AGx side they’re over way too quick, which definitely tells there's a lot more entertaining material. Songs are really aggressive and hitting hard, combining all the good parts this style is all about. The filthy and raw sound definitely helps me to enjoy this more - but then I’m not sure if this is really as it was intended to sound or only due to the quality of the tape. The risk you take when putting out stuff on this format. But my noise polluted ears couldn’t care less, so just get this tape anyway, I hope yours sounds just a bad!


Thursday, November 9, 2017

Interview with FAECES ERUPTION

FAECES ERUPTION a goregrind project from the Netherlands first appeared in the mid 2000ths and went to hiatus after a couple years. Recently the project was revived and when I heard the new split tape with ONIKU I decided it's time for an interview too.

⍰ First off what made you decide to bring back the project after almost a decade of inactivity? What music are you usually listening to these days? How do you think did the scene change during your absence?

➤ I think it was in February 2016 that Amos (Uterus Productions) or Jangore (Proctalgia) contacted me on my personal FB page to ask if there was an opportunity to do a split CD together. I’d dig into the FxEx tuff on my computer and compiled 2 recordings for the split CD. Somehow this all triggered to listen to some grind stuff again and my hands started to itch to be honest..

A few of my alltime favorite bands that I’ve listened to since 8 years or so now are Tool and Muse. Both inspire me to make music and be open about any subject you want to write songs or song titles about. I think it’s very good to use music to send a message. And as for grind, I’ve always liked bands as LDOH, Regurgitate, Dysmenorrheic Hemorrhage, Nasum, Blood I Bleed, FUBAR, etc…. that never changed, I only didn’t listen to it that much.

About the scene changing.

At first it was hard for me to find a way to reach people again. A lot of labels I was in contact with nearly 10 years ago, are not around anymore and there are a lot of new labels again. I decided to check out on facebook what’s going on these days and quickly made some new connections again.

So I think the part that definitely changed to most is the Social Media part wich was new for me with the music.

Also what I saw on some live shows I checked was that a lot of people dress up in silly costumes when they go to a concert or festival. In some cases I couldn’t even see the band play anymore. All I saw was a lot of people with swimming pool gear like inflatable tubes and ducks!

⍰ What equipment are you using to record your stuff? Is it the same you were using back then?

➤ The only thing I use that is the same is the pitch pedal and the bass distortion pedal, but not exactly the same effects.

Further I use the same drum computer, but this time I’ve sampled the audio into single hit samples and I cut and paste it all together into Cubase together with some other crash and cymbal samples I want to use.

I don’t have the same guitars anymore either

-Guitar pedal – Digitech Genesis 3
-Pitch – Digitech Genesis 3
-Bass pedal – Zoom 505 II
-Drumcomputer – Zoom RT-123
-Guitar – Richwood RE-125 Les Paul
-Guitar 2 – Cort (G Series)
-Bass guitar – Cort – C4 H

I all record directly without amps in Cubase 5

⍰ In many goregrind projects people are trying to break as many taboo topics as possible. What do you think about it? Where do you draw the line?

➤Everyone has to write about what they feel they should write about to be honest. Some subjects shock me as a person because of private situations and life ethics. Each time those themes come up, something in me cringes…

That’s why I have a complete different subject for the new releases. I’ve always been interested in Sci-fi and the paranormal, wich has always felt pretty normal to me.

The “normal world” we live in seemed stranger to me than the idea that Extra Terrestrials walk among us for instance.

⍰ You played a bunch of live shows when you first started your project. Are you still looking forward to play shows again now that you’re back? How is the scene in your area?

➤ I think I did 3 live shows with Faeces Eruption somewhere around the time we played with DxFxRx. Always with a few guest artists on vocals because I simply couldn’t do the vocals and play guitar at the same time back then.

I am not sure if I will do it again in the future. The feeling to want to go on stage is there, but than it would be a full setting. Not just me on my own, or with a non-rehearsed guest artist.

⍰ You have to forever ban one element of your project! Which one would you pick and what would you replace it with: Drum machine, pitch shifter or grind riffs?

➤ That’s a very hard question because sometimes I think switching to electronic drum (wich I have to go and practice then, I wanted to be a drummer since I started making music).

But also I enjoy listening to my tracks without the vocals also and I don’t miss them. And as for grind riffs, I don’t think that is a thing because I think you can fit a lot of different riffs in a grind song. It doesn’t have to be a Beatles riff or whatever, but you can use deathmetal riffs or something like that for sure!

Hmmmmm I think I’d drop the pitch and go on clean grunts and screams.

I can’t drum that well and I struggle on doing the vocals since it has been a long time and my throat itches very badly after recording.

⍰ Name five albums you’d pick when moving to a lonely island, and one song that would play on your grave!

➤ Muse “Origin Of Symmetry”
Muse “Absolution”
Muse “Resistance”
Tool “Lateralus”
Tool “Aenima”

There are a few bands and Cd’s that really opened up a different perspective on things, life in general, for me. Especially the Lateralus album bij Tool has always felt as a spiritual Journey from start to end for me. We all experience some sort of grudge in a way it is keeping us bussy and after that we feel sort of sorry for ourself. So we become the patient with the “disease”, where we need to heal from. We discover we are getting detatched from ourselves and each other and we need to find another way to fit the pieces back together.

On the cd there’s a track called Parabola wich, for me, is about we choose to be in this human body, and that we choose to be on this journey. That we should be thankful for the life we have, how difficult it sometimes is, because we’ve chosen it.

The song Lateralus is about we are devine entities on a journey from a black and white infant perspective and blossom to a spiraling positive energy and “still be a human”

The feeling I have with the song Reflection, is hard to explain but to me the song is about being in a very low energy pitiful place and time in life. A moment where you may find peace within the emptiness. On one moment “the moon tells me a secret”, and you see a million light reflections pass over. When you pull your head out that space you’ll come to find that you don’t want to feed the narcissism and blind negativity anymore and that you must crucify the ego, before it’s too late. And you will come to find that we are all one mind, capable of all that's imagined and all conceivable.

And I think Reflection would be the song wich always stays with me the most, and has been stuck in my head for a long time wich will fit my future cremation very well.

It shows me the reason why I had to step back from the grind-scene and my life in general to seek who I am and where I am going in this ocean of chaos. To wander around and seek for the truth wich I always felt was not what was fed to me from the start of this life.

⍰ Thanks for the interview! Final words are yours!!

➤Thank you for doing this interview and come up with good questions!
Thank you for being interested in me and my music.

Never stop what you do best until you become even better at it and always try and find a way to push the envelope.

We Are One

Discography (new stuff only)

  • 2017 split CD with PROCTALGIA
  • 2017 Altar of gross pathology (tape)
  • 2017 split tape with ONIKU



If you are listening to grind and never have heard of PULMONARY FIBROSIS then you surely must have lived under a rock! I first heard them on the split with ULCERRHOEA back in the day, and now, almost 20 years later, they're sounding better than ever! Reason enough to do an interview with Guyome....

⍰ You started this band almost two decades ago. In the early days you were still the guitar player in the band. What made you switch to drums? Any advice to new drummers?

➤ Hi Ron, exactly, i started the band on guitar & vox, i showed already some drums patterns to the first drummer as he wasn’t into grind & just started to play drums. After 1 year he left the band, i found a drummer but after few shows he left as well. In my region there wasn’t people into goregrind & extreme music, so musician was hard to found. So in 2001 i started to play drums on a musical event in the street, we just rehearsed some songs in the new guitarist appartment, that was lot of fun & our actual bassist was taking the bass just for this event too, quiet noisecore haha.

Well i guess the actual young drummer don’t need help from me, they’re all very good, studying with teachers, playing with click in the ears. But they miss a big part, the musical way, drums is an instrument & need to be drive with passion & kind of love haha. They just do it as a competition to be the fastest & cleanest drummer. I use to say that i’m not a drummer, just a player, for passion & not to reach those 300bpm with click in my hear. As well practicing in a band is the best way to get a very unique music & style.

⍰ You’re one of the few bands that doesn't run a Bandcamp site. What do you think about digital distribution and YouTube - as opposed to physical releases?

➤ Well we don’t have free time to manage all unreal stuff, we rather like to play live & recording materials as a real band together. Maybe i will find time to start a bandcamp page asap, but till then the trend will surely changed haha. Well i think that the question isn’t anymore if it’s good or bad, it’s just a part of our life now & most of all people use it, so we have to follow. I personaly don’t really like mp3, but it’s good to keep your tapes/vinyls/cds safe at home & then running your mp3 wherever you want on your small player. But they’re will still be underground maniacs buyers, real format will still be the best & far more ecogolical than thousand servers running all the times !!!

⍰ What is closer to the truth: “Grindcore is protest” or “Grindcore is fashion”? What does grind or in particular goregrind mean to you? You got anything to say for the political correct fraction?

➤ Good question haha. Grindcore is maybe dead since few years, as well i don’t see any grindcore band anymore, i’m maybe too old for that but most of those actual grindcore bands don’t got the spirit & don’t write/play grindcore, they just think to do it. But there is still some new great bands, but they play in the old school way haha. Actually for many people, grindcore & goregrind are just stupid & retarded, funny with balloons & shit. That’s the way the actual scene is & it’s hard to be away of that when you tell that you play grind !! Some french grind bands just spit on us because we play goregrind, so it seams that we are misogynist, wtf ?? Those guys are sniffing cocaine, beat their girlfriends, stole money, without any respect & we are misogynist or stupid because we play goregrind ?!! Carcass started the style longtime ago, then followed Haemorrhage, Last Days of Humanity, Dead Infection, Regurgitate, etc… That’s fucking true goregrind in the serious gore way, to protest like grindcore did at the same time. We are just playing for passion, to meet new people, mix culture from all around the world & spreading sickness on stage.

⍰ What is the most underrated goregrind band, and what would you tell people about them to wake some interest?

➤ Purulent Spermcanal is one my favourite band from Ostrava (Czech Republic), they released 3 awesome pornogoregrind albums & ended into a more grind/rock style with the last one. There is another Czech band who released 2 great albums called Umbrella. The Czech scene in the ‘90s was so awesome & inspired me alot.

⍰ There's always been a few interesting bands from France. What can you say about the development of your scene from the old days up to now?

➤ France was never the country of metal or even rock music, but we had great bands & still have few ones. The goregrind scene is almost desert, Blue Holocaust/Vomi Noir & Pulsating Cerebral Slime got the true spirit. There is more modern goregrind, groovy/slamming, that’s not goregrind for me. Grindcore is a little bit more present with Blockheads, Inhumate, Unsu, Yattai. Sublime Cadaveric Decomposition still mix different style since few years & we are glad to share again stages with them, even if i like more their past stuff. Well the french scene is very active, very good quality bands, but they’re all want to be famous & getting money. In the past all bands asked to play, now it’s difficult to get local bands to opening for a touring one because they ask more money that the one on tour, that drive me crazy.

⍰ What's your top 5 horror movies and what exactly is it that you like about each one?

➤ Bad Taste for being the best one ever, then Brain Dead for being the second best one haha. Texas Chainsaw Massacre for the putrid & oppressive feeling, the Night of the Living Dead for the dark feeling & one of my first zombie movie ever. Dawn of the Dead for one the best zombie movie ever. Those are classic horror movies that i worship, Bad Taste is really my fav of all time.

⍰ Thanks for taking your time for this interview. Any final words? What new releases can we expect from P. F.?

➤ Well we still use to have many releases on the way, this year was very active with shows, so we started to record new stuff at the beginning of 2017 & we didn’t had time to finish vocals yet, but will do it soon, it must be out in 2018. The biggest part & the serious point is that we will celebrate our 20th anniversary in 2018 & it will be insane, we will announce more dates & tours on our page/website. Thanx Ron for your support, see you all on the road in 2018 & let’s having fun at shows, cheers.

Discography (full lengths only)

  • 2007 Organ maggots
  • 2011 Interstitial lung diseases
  • 2016 Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis